WEG Electric Motors

WEG Electric Motors

WEG Industries, one of the largest electrical equipment manufacturers in the world, manufactures 16 million motors every year and those motors are used on 5 different continents in a wide variety of industries. And they are one of the brands that HECO not only distributes but has a strong relationship with.

Who is WEG?

WEG Industries, headquartered in Jaragua do Sul, Brazil, specializes in electric motors, transformers, and drives. WEG was founded in 1961 as Eletromotores Jaragua by three men: Werner Ricardo Voigt, an electrician; Joao da Silva, an administrator; and Geraldo Werninghaus, a mechanic. In later years, their first initials became the name of the company: WEG SA.

WEG serves a wide range of industries worldwide, including energy, farming and agriculture, mining, steel, pulp and paper, oil and gas, and marine. As of 2019, their portfolio includes 1,200 different product lines and they employ over 31,800 employees at branches in 36 countries.

During recent years, WEG has been acquiring various companies, including several that support its electric motor division. In 2011, WEG acquired The Electric Machinery Company in the United States, a company that specialized in generators, motors, and exciters. This was followed in 2014 by acquisition of Antriebstechnik KATT Hessen GmbH, a German company focused on the manufacture of special high speed motors. In 2020, WEG acquired control of BirminD, a startup technology company focused on the application of artificial intelligence to industrial analytics, and MVISIA, another artificial intelligence technology startup that applies computer vision to industrial application.

WEG Motors

WEG manufactures IEC and NEMA low voltage motors, IEC hazardous area motors, medium/high induction motors, synchronous motors, and several types of specialty motors.

WEG Low Voltage Motors

WEG’s product line of low-voltage IEC motors include general purpose ODP/TEFC, hazardous area motors, mining motors,and fan/exhaust and smoke extraction motors. WEG NEMA low voltage motors including general purpose ODP/TEFC in both steel and cast iron, cast iron IEEE 841. and fire pump pump motors.

WEG Synchronous Motors

WEG has three types of synchronous motors: the S line, the SM40 line, and the Electric Machinery Company line. WEG’s synchronous motors best adapted to applications with low starting currents, high torques, a need for power factor correction, and a constant speed under load variations. 

WEG IEC Hazardous Area Motors

WEG’s product line of hazardous area motors are divided into flameproof, dust ignition proof, increased safety Ex eb, and increased safety Ex ec. These motors are available in low and medium/high voltage models.

WEG Medium/High Voltage Induction Motors

The WEG M Line of mining motors consist of medium/high voltage induction motors designed to operate in dusty environments, withstand high speed water jets, and be able to handle permanent contact with ore and cement particles that may accumulate on equipment. They work very well in mining and cement applications.

WEG Large Induction Motors

WEG’s line of large induction motors includes cast iron TEFC and ODP motors, drilling motors, water cooled motors, wound rotor motors, custom induction motors, IEC induction motors, and hazardous duty motors. Part of the WEG M Line is included in this category.

Other WEG Motors

WEG offers electronically commutated motors, which include EC WECM IEC and EC Emerald NEMA motors that are both ideal for air movement applications.  WEG’s AC motor product line includes motors specifically for air handling, brake motors, farm duty, general purpose pumps, crushers, hydraulic pumps, oil well pumps, and refrigeration.

WEG and Technological Innovation

According to WEG, the purpose of their R&D programs lies in “aiming to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve quality and reduce the raw materials used in products.” They have over 1,000 employees in 11 different companies whose time is dedicated to pursuing innovation. This means that when you invest in a WEG electric motor, you can rest assured that you are purchasing state-of-the-art technology developed by a diverse team of engineers and experts.


If you are in the market for a high quality, reliable drive from WEG, HECO can help you track down what you need. We can leverage our strong relationship with WEG to help you get answers to your questions quickly and receive expert advice about which motor best meets your needs.