Unit Exchange Programs For Electric Motors (UTEX)

preparation through warehousing and repair

This is actually a combination of warehousing and repair. HECO can help you set up your unit exchange program for electric motors. There are a variety of benefits to a UTEX program. Here’s one of the biggest. Let’s say you have 100 motors in your plant. We’ll have 10 repaired spares at our facility ready to go. When you need a spare, you get one right away and pay a fixed cost to repair the failed one — which then goes on our shelf until it’s needed, too. This is a very different kind of system that is a hybrid of spare and repair. And it’s another way we keep All Systems Go.

Below are some applications where UTEX programs can be valuable
  • Cooling Fan motors
  • Base Fan motors
  • Steel mill runout table motors
  • Steel mill annealing fan motors
  • Steel mill hydrogen annealing fan motors
  • Mill Duty motors in steel mills
  • Traction motors
  • Any other applications with a large installed base of duplicated equipment”

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Unit Exchange (UTEX) Programs

Unit Exchange (UTEX) Programs