Identification of Spares

identify your spare equipment

What is the point of having spare electric motors & equipment if you do not know what you have either as a spare or in-service in the plant? For over 30 years, HECO has helped industrial facilities manage their in-service and spare inventories in a variety of ways.

In every program we have ever implemented, the first step is: Identification.

HECO will survey all assigned assets, recording all nameplate and critical data, plant locations and application information across an entire plant or corporation. During this survey, we tag each asset with a unique identifying number so as to establish a cradle to grave association with the life of the asset. All information is then entered into the TracRat Repairable Asset Management Software.

Survey Components will include:
  1. HECO will survey an entire facility consisting of both spare and in-service equipment.

  2. Record all applicable nameplate data and basic information about each asset.

  3. Photo-Documentation of the asset and the asset nameplate, where accessible.

  4. Setup client and enter and all survey information into the TracRat Repairable Asset Management Software (

  5. After survey, An Inventory Analysis will be generated with reports including but not limited to:
    1. In-service to spares comparisons
    2. Identify obsolete inventory
    3. In-service reports sorted by application or equipment type
    4. Special reports sorted by nameplate data as needed
    5. Recommendations on inventory
  • Identification of Spares
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  • spares
  • identify your spare equipment

Download What To Look For In An Electric Motor Repair Shop

spare electric motor identification