Siemens Electric Motors

Siemens Electric Motors

Siemens electric motors (also referred to by the brand name Simotics) have a proven track record for performance, durability, and efficiency. Millions of these motors are installed worldwide, and Siemens continues to be a world leader in the area of electric motors. If you are looking for an electric motor, whether it's an ANEMA high voltage motor or a compact DC motor, you cannot go wrong with Siemens.

Are Siemens and Simotics the Same?

Siemens motors and Simotics motors are the same with the only difference being the branding adopted by Siemens to be more consistent with their other branding efforts. The change was made in 2012, after Siemens had branded their PLC controllers by naming them Simotion, their drives by naming them Sinamic, and their CNC controllers by naming them Sinumerik. The good news is that if you call HECO and ask for a Siemens motor rather than a Simotics motor, we’ll know exactly what you mean!

Overview of Siemens

Siemens was founded in 1847 as Telegraphen-Bauanstalt von Siemens & Halske (named after its founders, Werner von Siemens and Johann Georg Halske) with an innovation related to wire telegraphy. The first twenty years was focused on the telegraph industry, until von Siemens developed a dynamo that did not require permanent magnets. That represented the company’s starting point for diversification. The company changed names several times over its 170 years but always kept “Siemens” in the name.

Some of Siemens more well-known acquisitions include the Industrial Systems Division of Texas Instruments, Allis-Chalmers interest in Siemens-Allis, Westinghouse Power Generation, the flow division of Danfoss, and the gas turbine and compressor division of Rolls-Royce.  

Siemens Simotics Electric Motors

Siemens motors can be used in any application that needs electric motors, including steel rolling mills, pumps, fans, compressors, and high precision industrial automation, just to name a few. 

Pulp and paper, mining, cement, manufacturing, cranes, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, wind energy, water industry, marine, petrochemical, and industrial automation are examples of the industries that depend on Siemens for high quality, reliable motors. As you can no doubt tell from the list of applications, Siemens makes severe duty motors, too, And it doesn’t hurt that their large motors are manufactured here in the United States in Ohio.

Simotics Low Voltage NEMA and IEC Motors

Siemens low voltage electric motors includes products ranging from 0.12 hp to 6,500 hp that conform to both NEMA and IEC standards. Siemens/Simotics low voltage motors can be used direct on line or, for drives-based operation, or in combination with Siemens Sinamic drives.

Simotics AboveNEMA Motors

Siemens AboveNEMA medium and high voltage AC induction motors include horizontal motors up to 22,000 hp with voltages ranging from 460 V to 13,200 V and ANEMA vertical motors with up to 8,000 hp. Many of these motors are found in the harshest operating conditions, including mud pumps, ships, ore mills, rolling mills, and compressors for petrochemical applications.

Simotics Motion Control Motors

Siemens has a product line of compact, powerful induction, servo, and direct drive motors for applications involving motion control. They are available in a range of speeds and torques, including synchronous and asynchronous, with or without gear units, and designs for operation with drives that are fully digital.

Simotics High Voltage Motors

Siemens high voltage motors are available from 200 hp up to 134,000 hp and speeds ranging from 7 rpm to 14, 900 rpm. They conform with both NEMA and IEC standards and a range of options that include water-cooling, explosion proof, and up to IP66 environmental protection. Classifications for these high voltage motors include compact, modular, high power, specialized, and Above NEMA.

Simotics DC Motors

Siemens also offers a line of compact, modular DC motors with a variety of options available. These motors have a reputation for trouble-free operation and are ideal for situations where installation conditions may not be ideal.

Siemens and HECO

We are proud to say that HECO was selected by the Siemens Motors Business Unit as a recipient of their "Business Excellence" Bronze Eagle Award for 2018. This prestigious award was presented by Siemens in recognition of our solid commitment to mutual business development and our sales achievement. This annual award is only given to one Siemens motor distributor in each of their 4 regions.

HECO also participated in the 2016 Manufacturing in America event, a collaboration between Electro-Matic Ventures, Inc. and Siemens. HECO’s own Todd A. Hatfield (Vice President of Engineering and Repair) presented on the subject of Repairing Electric Motors for Reliability.

Our relationship with Siemens continues as we are a distributor for Simotics motors (or Siemens motors, if you prefer). If you are in the market for Siemens motor, let us put our connections to work for you to find the right Simotics motor for your application.