Turnkey Motor Repairs

HECO can remove your stress


In today's industrial environment, it's getting harder and harder to find maintenance staff; it's getting harder and harder to coordinate multiple vendors. HECO can remove that stress.

When a motor goes down and you don't have the staff on hand to fix it, just make one call. We'll take care of the rest. We'll come in and do a walk-down; see what resources are required, then take care of everything from A to Z.

With a HECO turnkey repair, you don't have to do a thing.

We'll disconnect the motor; pull it out of its place; repair it; bring it back; install it and align it; then reconnect everything. It's a completely no-hassle way to get a motor up and running.

HECO provides:

  • Electric disconnection/reconnection
  • Removal and repair
  • Reinstallation
  • Alignment
  • Commissioning

You'll go from having a motor that's broken, to one that fixed the right way by the right people for the job. You're only as involved as you want to be. Simple as that.