Kalamazoo Repair Capabilities

customized repairs for long-term solutions

At HECO, we don't believe in off-the-shelf solutions to electric motor repair. That kind of approach might fix a problem now, but won't prevent it from happening again. And you have better things to do than to chase the same repair problem time and again. So before we start any repair, we ask "Why." Why did the failure occur? What can be done to keep it from occurring again? Only then will we begin the repair. And our capabilities there are second to none.

Our electric motor repair shop capabilities and services include:
  • Large Electric Motor Repair: Lathe machining capabilities up to 96" swing, so we can repair the largest of rotating components within an electric motor or generator
  • Low, Medium, and High Voltage Rewinds in our 10 Ft. Diameter Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) system to ensure a void-free, cooler-running, longer-lasting electric motor winding.
  • Von Roll Mica MAX Insulation system for 11kv+ VPI Motors
  • Two (2) Clean winding rooms with largest having 50 Ton Lifting Capacity!
  • DC & AC HiPot (High Potential Testing) available up to 50KV, 3.5 Amps
  • Quality reconditions that increase motor life and prevent failures
  • Computerized diagnostic equipment that provides accurate and complete testing of the electrical components within an electric motor or generator
  • Testing capabilities of up to 13.8kV, 4000kVA, enabling us to apply full voltage to a motor, thereby simulating the full-voltage environment that exists within a given plant
  • Computerized vibration spectrum analysis on an isolated test stand that yields true vibration readings on the motor individually, which can then be compared to the motor's in-plant performance
  • Dynamometer testing up to (1,200HP) 4,400 ft-lbs that allows us to apply a load to your electric motor, further simulating how the motor will run when it is installed at the plant
  • An in-house machine shop to manufacture parts that meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specifications
  • Demagnetizing and degaussing equipment that allows us to remove residual magnetism from electric motor shafts, journals, bearing housings, etc.
We have the range of capabilities to perform these services on:
  • AC & DC Horizontal & Vertical NEMA Motors
  • 230v, 480v, 2300v, 4160v, 6600v, 13,200v, & 13,800v Motors
  • AC & DC Horizontal & Vertical Above NEMA Motors
  • Synchronous Horizontal & Vertical Motors & Generators
  • Wound Rotor Horizontal & Vertical Motors & Generators
  • AC & DC Generators and Exciters
  • Fan-Cooled, Weather-Protected, Non-Vented, & Drip-Proof Motors & Generators
  • Explosion-Proof UL Motors
  • IEC Ex Explosion Proof Motor Repairs
  • Eddy Current Clutch and Press Drives
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HECO Repair Capabilities