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improved motor designs through smart engineering

HECO's engineering capabilities allow for improved electric motor designs with increased electrical and mechanical outputs. From simple voltage and speed changes to amplified horsepower outputs, our trustworthy engineers have the know-how that comes with years of experience in the field of electric motor repair and generator engineering. Many times, we can redesign a motor or generator at a fraction of the cost of a new replacement, even with a complete rebuild. This service can provide you with a "like new," completely re-engineered electric motor at a substantial savings when compared with the price of a new manufactured product.

We specialize in engineering new induction rotor designs for problematic applications. These design changes include improvements to the rotor bars, shorting rings, shaft, and laminations.

Among the many factors we consider when designing a new rotor are:
  • Stator and rotor magnetic circuit calculations
  • Thermal temperature rise calculations
  • Start-up load inertia calculations
  • Specific copper alloy electrical conductivities
Although we specialize in creating new rotors, our range of mechanical and electrical engineering capabilities extends far beyond that to include:
  • Root cause of failure assessments
  • Horsepower output increase or reduction
  • Rated voltage increase or reduction
  • Motor operating speed increase or reduction
  • Bearing design changes for increased loading, either vertically or horizontally
  • Replacement of shaft material with stronger alloy steels (such as 4140 & 4340) that feature specific heat treating, depth of hardness, and requirements for proper crystalline microstructures

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Engineering Services-electric motor repair

Engineering Services