Turnkey Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)


Simply stated, condition-based maintenance means performing maintenance based on the condition of the machine. Sounds simple enough. But...

It used to be that condition-based maintenance was made up of two distinct parts and took two distinct vendors to accomplish. The first part, Condition, took specialists in reliability. They did the investigative work to determine the problem. The second part, Maintenance, took a different specialist. These were the people involved in a particular trade who did the actual "fixing."

Only HECO offers turnkey condition-based maintenance. Others find a problem and give you the bad news. We find a problem, then fix it.

HECO not only will tell you what needs to happen, we'll also make it happen.

We have proven expertise in all areas of reliability, including vibration analysis, ultrasound and thermography surveys and analysis, and motion amplification. The Reliability Group at HECO will use whatever equipment and technology it takes to pinpoint the problem.

Then, HECO will either fix the issue ourself, or call in a partner firm with the specialty required to resolve your particular issue. HECO will be responsible for finding the right millwrights, pipefitters or whatever other maintenance specialist you need. And we'll make sure they meet the rigid standards and specs HECO is known for.

Remote monitoring is no problem.

Along with our Reliability Team that will do personal inspections, HECO can also find issues through sensors. Wherever you may be, with HECO it's all systems go.