Liquid Rheostats

Liquid Rheostats at HECO

Liquid Rheostats at HECO
Liquid Rheostats at HECO
Liquid Rheostats at HECO
Liquid Rheostats at HECO
Liquid Rheostats

Liquid rheostats have been proven to be a low-cost alternative to variable-speed drives in starting- and continuous-duty applications for electric motors. Whatever you need in the way of liquid rheostats, HECO will ask the right questions, then provide the one you need to do the job right.

We manufacture, recondition, maintain, and repair liquid rheostats. Reconditioning is performed in our shop, while preventative maintenance (including cleaning) and high-quality repairs can be performed in our facility or yours.

HECO can service any brand, or manufacture a custom solution. We also sell, refurbish, and supply the AC induction-wound rotor motors that liquid rheostats drive, offering a complete package to meet your needs.


Liquid Rheostat Maintenance

Most liquid rheostats can go for 20 or more years without needing repairs if they have been properly maintained. Regular maintenance from HECO includes:

  • Regularly scheduled cleaning
  • Checking electrolyte levels and topping off as needed
  • Checking the condition of the electrodes
  • Verify that all safety features are working correctly
  • Lubricating appropriate components
  • Checking the tightness of connections
  • General system testing and sensor calibration


Liquid Rheostat Repairs

Typical repairs provided by HECO include:

  • Electrode drive motor repair and replacement
  • Replacement of electrodes
  • Tank cleaning 
  • Replacement of electrolytic fluid
  • Repair or replacement of the PLC


What HECO offers:
  • Cleaning and repair of customer tanks
  • New components: electrodes, bushings, DC motors, PLCs
  • Retrofits of different units
  • New ground-up builds in either plain steel or stainless steel
  • New and refurbished wound rotor motors from multiple manufacturers including WEG, Schorch, Helmke, and TECO Westinghouse