Complete Turnkey Packages


There are times when an electric motor repair just isn't enough. It's time for a new motor. There are even times when replacing the motor won't do the job. You may need drives, controls, a drive box. When that's the case, HECO can provide a complete turnkey solution.

You don't need to piece everything together. We'll handle it for you.

By asking the right questions, and knowing what to do with the answers, HECO will provide exactly the new equipment required. Whether that's replacing a single motor, or connecting all the pieces with new controls, drives, and transformers, HECO has whatever the job calls for.

And that's just part of what makes a HECO turnkey package so attractive. HECO can also coordinate the complete installation for you — up to and including replacing the entire powertrain if that is what is needed.

Simply stated: All systems go.