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HECO's Predictive Service Group (HECO PSG) provides on-site maintenance and reliability services for industrial facilities. Our engineers and technicians are experienced in a wide variety of equipment and associated technologies. From setting up and running predictive maintenance programs (PdM) to performing corrective actions such as balancing or alignment, HECO PSG has the experience that you can trust to help you keep your plant up and running.

Our vibration data collection and analysis services along with dynamic balancing and laser alignment services come from our 2013 acquisition of a company called Predictive Maintenance Services, Inc. or P-M-S-I. With this acquisition, comes the 25+ years of experience in these fields and a group of ISO certified, Vibration Analysts. Each and every day we are utilizing P-M-S-I's vast experience and history to advance PdM programs across the Midwest.

The benefits of PdM have been well documented. Unfortunately, the time and effort required developing the technical expertise to initiate and operate a successful program, and associated expenses for hardware and software, have prevented many facilities from utilizing these benefits. HECO PSG can get your PdM program up and running NOW!, without purchasing instruments and training personnel. We use a multi-discipline approach to PdM, applying the technology(s) proven to provide the best condition assessment for each type of machine.

You're Not Alone

If you are experiencing a machinery problem or issue, you are not alone. We are ready and available to assist you in determining what the root cause of the issue is and implementing a corrective solution to the root cause. We are helping facilities across the Midwest do this on a daily basis. It's our job to help you in these situations, give us a call and we will be there as soon as we can.

Services we offer:
  • Motion Amplification using RDI IRIS M Camera
  • Route based vibration data collection & analysis
  • Problematic equipment vibration analysis & diagnostics
  • Vibration/balancing/alignment training
  • Vibration mentorship programs
  • Vibration route setup services
  • Vibration troubleshooting
  • Vibration database management
  • Field balancing of rotating apparatus
  • Laser coupling/pulley/belt alignment services
  • Oil (wear debris) analysis
  • Ultrasound air leak surveys & analysis
  • Thermography (infrared) survey & analysis
  • Wireless/wired remote vibration monitoring services
  • Shaft voltage testing
We have:
  • ISO/ANSI Certified Vibration Analysts (Cat II to Cat IV)
  • Level II Tribologist (Oil Analysis)
  • Certified Level I Infrared Thermographers
Products we sell:
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Vibration Institute

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