Siemens SIMOTICS Motors

precise control and outstanding performance

Today, in industrial plants and systems around the world, many millions of Siemens electric motors are ensuring motion and efficient operation. They include energy efficient low-voltage motors, motion control motors with a high dynamic performance, DC motors, and powerful high-voltage motors.

Through ongoing and persistent innovation, Siemens continues to prove its competence when it comes to electric motors. For instance, a recently developed high-speed, high-voltage motor with up to 15,000 rpm in the Megawatt range; and new motors for motion control main drives in the power range from 2.8 up to 1,340 kW. As a result of employing a completely new modular system, these motors can be flexibly and optimally adapted to each and every application. These are just two examples of motors which constantly prove themselves in use and are convincing through their quality, efficiency and compactness.

For all of the motors, the only thing that was missing up until now was a name that reflected their outstanding performance. Now they have it: SIMOTICS.

SIMOTICS electric motors include:
  • Efficient induction motors for pumps, fans and compressors
  • Precise motion control motors with highly-dynamic performance for positioning and handling, as well as for use in production machines and machine tools
  • DC motors and powerful high-voltage motors for use in ships, rolling mills, ore mills and large mud pumps and compressors in the oil and gas industry
  • Severe duty and explosion proof motors for the world's toughest, harshest operating environments.

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