Avtron Encoders

Nidec Avtron Automation provides reliable drive systems and encoders in heavy duty industries.

Nidec Avtron Automation encoders are designed for use in everything from light duty applications to harsh operating environments. Engineered to meet industry's demand consistent performance while maximizing uptime and throughput, Avtron encoders can be used in a variety of applications, including mining equipment, paper machines, wind turbines, oil drilling rigs, paper machines, and marine equipment. 

Avtron offers a complete line of products that include ATEX approved encoders suitable for use in hazardous environments. Whether you need a flameproof encoder that meets UL Class and Division standards for petrochemical application or a light mill duty encoder for a paper processing plant, Avtron will have what you need. And their reputation for reliability, quality, and customer service are why HECO is proud to be an Avtron distributor.

Learn more about the relationship between Nidec and Avtron on one of HECO's "Helpful Articles" 

2020-12-Avtron Encoders

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