Predictive & Preventive MAPPS

to stop problems before they occur

Wouldn't it be great to prevent failures in bearings, pumps, gearboxes and motors before they even happen? By determining "Why" failures occur, before they occur, you can. HECO will custom design a Predictive & Preventive Mapps for your specific needs. It may include:

  • Performing a benchmark assessment to compare your PdM program to industry best practices
  • Implementing vibration monitoring/analysis; evaluating thermography practices and bearing lubrication; verifying motor/pump/gearbox alignment
  • Monitoring (or even continuously monitoring) in-service assets

There's no better way to minimize downtime than by preventing it in the first place. That's why HECO has certified vibration analysts, tribologists, ultrasound technicians and thermographers.

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Predictive & Preventive MAPPS

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