New Equipment MAPPS

for electric motors and controls

Download How To Get The Right Electric Motor Our first step in new product sales is to ask "Why." Why do you need a new electric motor? Is it the right electric motor for your application? Depending on your needs, we'll custom design a New Product MAPPS that may consist of:

  • Performing a benchmark assessment to compare your equipment to industry best practices
  • Reviewing the way new orders are procured
  • Establishing a new vs. repair determination
  • Implementing a process based on reliability and established specifications
  • Incorporating TracRat software
  • Evaluating multiple manufacturers for the best price/performance options

HECO is one of the region's largest distributors of motors and drives. If a new electric motor or drive is called for, we stock AC motors through 150HP, and distribute AC and DC motors through 15,000+ HP.

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New Equipment MAPPS
New Equipment MAPPS