What does EASA Accredited Mean?

Understanding the difference in standards between shops with EASA accreditation & ones without is critical

You might have noticed that we are an EASA Accredited electric motor repair shop. While that sounds nice, why does it matter? The truth is that EASA accreditation matters a lot, affecting the quality of repairs provided to you and the long-term cost you have to pay to keep your electric motors running. If you want to know how using an EASA accredited repair shop can save you money and machine downtime, then keep reading!

What Is EASA?

EASA stands for the Electrical Apparatus Service Association, an international organization that is recognized worldwide as a leader in the sales, service, and repair of electrical and mechanical apparatus, which includes electric motors, generators, and their powertrains. 

Why EASA Accreditation Was Started

One of the prevalent issues in the electric motor repair industry for many years was the concern that electric motors that had been repaired were not reliable or energy efficient. The leaders at EASA knew this did not have to be.  EASA members for many years had developed methods and approaches to ensure that repaired motors had the same, if not better, performance, reliability, and efficient (as original) to new motors. This conviction -- that electric motors can be repaired to original factory condition -- was the driving force behind EASA accreditation. 

What Is Special About EASA Accreditation?

The EASA Accreditation assures you that the repair service center you are using follows standards developed by EASA engineers and other associations with years of experience in working on electric motors.

Receiving Accreditation

To receive accreditation, an electric motor repair shop must prove to independent, third-party auditors that they are in compliance with these standards. The repair shop and its technicians must also follow industry best practices that maintain motor efficiency and reliability during electrical and mechanical repairs of electric motors. These industry best practices are based on ANSI/EASA AR100: Recommended Practice for the Repair of Rotating Electrical Apparatus, and The Effect of Repair/Rewinding on Motor Efficiency, by EASA and AEMT.  The areas that an accredited repair shop are audited for covers 23 different categories and over 70 criteria elements -- which amount to exhaustive coverage of electric motor and generator repair and maintenance. Keep in mind not just anyone can be EASA accredited: at this time, there are only 132 accredited services centers in the US -- and HECO is one of them.

Renewing Accreditation

Accreditation must be renewed annually, which means annual audits and another visit from a third party auditor, every third year. Renewals ensure that the motor repair shop isn’t slipping in their practices or growing negligent with their documentation and testing.

Why You Should Choose EASA Accredited Motor Repair Shops

There are many reasons why EASA accredited motor repair shops should be your first choice when you have an electric motor that has failed. In fact, when you are looking for a repair shop, accreditation should be your first question before you allow them to touch your electric motor -- that’s how important EASA is to quality and reliability.

Industry Best Practices

You can rest assured that your motor is being repaired according to best practices that have been proven in real-world industry practice. The goal of these practices is to restore your electric motor to original factory conditions...or better!

Consistent Repair Procedures and Methods

No matter which technician is assigned to work on your motor, you can expect them to follow the same repair procedures and methods. If your favorite technician retires or finds another job, you can be sure that the same procedures and methods will be used to care for your electric motor. The result is reliable results and consistency in quality when repaired by an EASA accredited shop.

Quality of Repairs

The quality of repairs performed on your motor will be based on quality as a result of the combined best practices and consistent procedures which are used.  This approach, in turn, impacts the efficiency and performance of the electric motor. You can expect that motor to perform as well as it did the first time it was installed. And that also means that you won’t have to keep sending that motor out for repetitive repairs, which can save you a substantial amount of money both in terms of repair costs and potential downtime.

Audit Trail of Motor Repair

Because of the auditing and documentation requirements involved with EASA accreditation, you can actually trace your motors progress through a repair, seeing what was done and why. Also documented are the results of quality control testing. This makes the repair and testing process very transparent and helps to answer any questions about what was done to your motor.

Motor Efficiency and Performance

EASA practices were developed to ensure that a motor remains efficient after repairs, whether it is a simple bearing replacement on a low horsepower motor or a full rewind on a large motor. These practices are tested and proven, which means you can count on your motor’s performance once it has been to an EASA accredited repair shop.

HECO and EASA Accreditation

HECO was first EASA accredited in January of 2016, when there were only 63 accredited centers in the US. EASA’s president commented at the time that this achievement was an indicator of HECO’s commitment to excellence. As mentioned earlier, accreditation must be renewed regularly to ensure that a company is still meeting accreditation requirements and updating procedures and methods accordingly. To that end, HECO completed a self-audit in 2017 and 2018 with their second third-party audit in 2019. 

At HECO, we remain an EASA accredited repair shop, which means when we repair your motor you can count on it being restored to original factory condition in terms of quality and performance. If you are looking for a reliable, quality electric motor repair shop, contact us today.