GE Industrial Electric Motors

GE Motors

GE has been successfully making electric motors for over 120 years. Their commitment to innovation, efficiency, and durability has enabled them to remain a powerful global leader in the motor manufacturing community. If you are looking for a reliable motor made to extremely high standards, then GE motors should be at the top of your list. And here at HECO we have so much confidence in GE quality and workmanship that we are one of their distributors.

Short History of GE

In 1889, Thomas Edison had many business interests that involved electricity, including a large motor and dynamo manufacturing business headquartered in Schenectady, New York. General Electric (GE) was founded in 1892 when financier J.P. Morgan arranged the merger of Edison Electric Company (founded by Thomas Edison, who was already in the electric motor business) with the Thomas Houston Electric Company. 

GE has been involved in many different areas through the years, including finance, media, light bulbs, home appliances, aviation, renewable energy, additive manufacturing, power, railroads, and healthcare. But if you are here on HECO’s website, then you also know that GE makes high quality electric motors. In fact, GE has over 125 years experience in manufacturing electric motors. 

In 2018, GE Small Industrial Motor (SIM) was purchased by China’s largest manufacturer of electric motors and one of China’s 500 largest businesses, Wolong. As part of the agreement, Wolong acquired the design, development, manufacturing, and sales of TEFC medium-voltage motors (up to 1,750 hp) and low-voltage motors, as well. Wolong also obtained the right to sell GE SIM products that carry the GE brand for 10 years in the US market. And this was not Wolong’s first acquisition of another motor company: in 2015 they purchased Nanyang Explosion-proof Motor.

Where GE Motors are Used

GE has a massive portfolio of electric motors that are used in a range of industries, including mining, oil and gas, marine, water/wastewater, cement, metal processing, pulp and paper, power, and energy. These motors are used in propulsion, metal rolling, refineries, compressors, mine hoists, pump, grinding mills, and fans.

GE Motors

GE motors are used in millions of locations worldwide, which is not surprising when you consider that they are designed and manufactured to exacting global standards, including NEMA, GOST, ATEX, and IEC and models available for use in Zone 1, 2, or 22 as well as Division I or II.  Their motors are available in a wide range of NEMA standard frame sizes and enclosures, as well.

GE AC Motors

GE’s line of AC motors include …

  • NEMA Premium General Purpose motors, available in Energy Saver W and Energy Saver M (for severe duty applications)
  • NEMA Premium Extra Severe Duty motors, available in XSD Ultra Standard Rating, XSD Ultra 841 Standard Rating, and XSD Ultra 661 Standard Rating (which is designed with heat exchangers in mind)
  • NEMA Premium Vertical Pump motors, which includes the ULTRASNOW-V pump motor
  • NEMA Premium Explosion Proof Motors, in NEMA frame sizes 143T-449T and 1 hp to 300 hp with speeds 900 rpm to 3,600 rpm
  • IE3 Severe Duty motors, known as the XSD Ultra 841 IEC line in NEMA frame sizes 90S-280H

GE also manufactures definite purpose AC motors which cover adjustable speed drives, fire pump motors, and mill duty motors.

GE Medium Voltage Motors

The medium voltage (MV) motors made by GE are designed for severe duty applications such as those found in power generation, mining, and petrochemical environments. Named Quantum LMV motors, they have a reputation as long lasting, durable, high power density solutions. These motors range in power from 100 hp to 1,750 hp and speeds of 900 to 3,6000 rpm at 60 Hz and 900 to 3,000 rpm at 50 Hz with Class F insulation. In addition, they are available in WPI, WPII, ODP, and TEFC with frame sizes from 440 to 7000 as well as IEEE 841 configuration.

GE DC Motors

GE also has a product line of DC motors that either have a magnetic ring frame or, for severe duty applications, a cast-iron fabricated frame. They are available in 1 hp to 500 hp at speeds ranging from 300 rpm to 3,600 rpm. They are available in explosion proof, TE, DPFG, and DPFG-BV, TE with field voltages of 300/150 V and 240/120 V.


HECO is a distributor for GE motors, so whether you need a medium voltage explosion-proof motor that can handle the hazardous environment of a petrochemical refinery or a NEMA standard fire pump motor that you can depend on in an emergency we can help. We will put our long partnership with GE to work for you to help you get fast answers to your questions and find the perfect motor for your application.