Equipment Management Services


From the time the first motor was invented, the electric motor sales and repair business has always been a "What" industry. Customers have been asked what they wanted to buy or have repaired. Then, they pretty much got what they had asked for. The problem was, they never knew what the problem was.

HECO is different.

We specialize in custom systems that optimize the performance of the entire electric motor driven powertrain. It all begins by asking "WHY."

When you tell HECO you're having a motor problem, we want to find out why. The only way to get to the "Why" of an issue is by taking a systematic approach. That's why HECO developed Equipment Management Systems (EMS).

EMS begins with an evaluation process where we learn how you currently handle items. Some of the things we'll ask about include:

  • How do you procure new products?
  • How do you select repair vendors?
  • Do you have repair specifications?
  • What technologies are you using for PdM/CBM?
  • What issues are you having?

Of course, there are many, many more.

What will EMS do for you

EMS from HECO provides custom solutions that will allow you to be prepared for a failure. You will know what to do when a failure happens, and you won't jeopardize long-term reliability by having a short-term focus.

With an EMS program, you will be able to maximize plant availability, minimize in-service equipment failures, and reduce the time it takes to get equipment operating again. Bottom line? You'll lower the overall cost to your business.

Why EMS just makes sense

To cut to the chase, HECO will manage all of your equipment for you. No, that doesn't mean we want to do all your repairs or handle all your spares. It means we'll determine your needs and evaluate and pre-qualify who would be the best vendor for the job — maybe us, maybe not.

If you're happy with your current vendor, great. Keep them. The only difference is we take overall responsibility. So, we make sure the right specs are determined and met, the right quality controls are in place, the right price is charged. In fact, with our pricing matrix, you pay the same price no matter who we select to do the job.

A HECO EMS removes variables. Decisions are based on facts, capabilities, and data.

Whether your situation requires one vendor or 20, we can manage everything. Or just spares. Or just repairs. Whatever your needs call for.

How an EMS program from HECO reduces costs

  • Knowing what you have means you don’t purchase or repair something you don’t need
  • Right vendors supplying to the right spec, in the right places, will reduce failures and increase reliability
  • Using historical data will help you plan better and identify potential problems before they happen
  • Utilization of PdM technologies and connecting information to make educated decisions reduces overall failures.
  • HECO’s experience in implementing an EMS will save you the risk of possible failure or delays