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Should I Be Charged An Inspection Fee If I Don't Repair My Motor?


checklist-1622517_1920.pngYou should understand that every motor repair facility has their own practices and policies when it comes to charging an inspection fee.

 What is an inspection fee?

 It is a fee to cover the tear down, analysis, and testing of machinery to properly diagnose what has caused or could be causing the equipment to not work properly.

 What does the fee cover?

 It covers a portion of the cost for the professional skilled trades people to evaluate your equipment (such as):

  • The CDL classed driver to properly document and transport your equipment to and from the repair facility safely
  • The experienced mechanic to break down the equipment for evaluation
  • The electrical/mechanical engineer to diagnose the problem and evaluate root cause
  • Electrical testing, mechanical fit recordings, etc. Many tests and checks are performed to identify where the motor's deficiencies are.
  • Documenting all of the information taken for future reference


 Question 1: My shop says they do not charge an inspection fee. WHY?

More than likely you are being charged a fee one way or another. It could be billed into the cost of the current repair or future repairs. It could also be spread out onto your incoming or existing repairs and projects. When in today's world do you really get something for free?


 Question 2:   Who is evaluating my equipment?

With the investment you have put into your equipment, your repair facility should have its employees trained, evaluated, and possibly even certified to the most current industry standards. If you are not being charged for their time – what kind of employee is evaluating your equipment?


 In summary

 Inspection Fees cover the cost of skilled professionals evaluating your equipment. By being upfront about why the inspection fee is being charged, you should feel confident the facility is employing professionals that are taking the time to thoroughly evaluate your equipment. Do you want your equipment being checked out by someone who is keeping costs to a minimum or someone who will spend the necessary time thoroughly evaluating your motor? That choice is yours to make!


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Jeremy Aker

HECO - All Systems Go



About the author:

Jeremy Aker  is a Territory Development Manager for HECO - All Systems Go. Throughout Jeremy's career with HECO, he has constantly focused on reliability based improvements for his clients. Jeremy covers the ITT iALERT2 product nationally for HECO as well as serves end-user accounts in Indiana and Ohio.

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