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Where Is Your Motor Being Repaired?


where is your electric motor being repaired?Every motor repair shop is basically the same so it doesn't matter where you take your motor, right?  Wrong!  If you want to find out why this is so wrong, keep reading.

In my years in the electric motor repair industry, I have learned that if you have seen a motor shop, you have seen ONE motor shop. Each individual shop is truly unique, with its own specialty or individual approach to repairs. The same is true for the repair that you're taking in because each motor has its own quirks and issues.

Why Repair Shops Differ

From one electric motor repair shop to another, there can be major differences in method of repair, tolerances allowed, pass versus fail readings, etc. Each shop is going to have its own approach and methods to repairing a motor. And that means that the data taken and the repairs performed are only as good as the individual shop and the actual individual that performs them! 

EASA Repair Shops

It's true that if the shop is an Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) member they should be repairing to a minimum standard of the ANSI/EASA AR100 specification. This is a solid specification that requires some best practices to be taken as part of the repair process. I'm regularly amazed  at how many shops we see that do not utilize the EASA resources or follow AR100.

Non-EASA Repair Shops

Some repair shops may follow it 100%, those are generally your EASA Accredited repair shops. Others may pick and choose what suits them when repairing your motor while still others are only able to meet 10% of AR100 based on their equipment, processes and experience they have implemented at their shop. This does not mean that these shops are bad, but that they just don't meet the requirements of the specification.

I recently purchased a boat and discovered some of the manufacturers that I was considering did not build to specific standards. Several did build to specific standards. Once I understood the specific standards and looked for them, the difference in quality was amazing. 

Educations counts. Standards count. 

Different Approaches to the Same Task

Motor repair is like that old adage that says "there are more ways than one to skin a cat" - every shop is unique and every shop is skilled at different things. And different shops are going to approach the exact same repairs and maintenance tasks in different ways. Sometimes it depends more on the shop, but sometimes it comes down to which technician is performing the repairs.

Have you ever called the same company for customer service on multiple occasions? Or...called an airline to book a flight, discuss your rewards points, etc. and talked to difference agents? 

People do make a difference.  

Why Are You Sending Your Motor There?

The point of this article is to ask you this question: Where is your motor being repaired? Since every shop is different, what does this shop do that is unique or different? Is there a specific reason that you chose them, or could you possibly do better? Keep in mind that I personally have not only seen significant variations from company to company, but I have also seen it vary greatly from one location to another in multiple location repair shop organizations. 


Each repair shop is different, so take the time to find the one that best suits your needs. A few phone calls and emails, along with some simple research online may lead to  a repair shop that better suits your needs. And that's the goal, isn't it?


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