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VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) for Electric Motors in Wet Environments


Aerator and well pump motors can pose some special challenges -- and many times those challenges lead to premature motor failure. Here at HECO, we've learned how to address the challenges faced by electric motors used in wet environments using VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation).

Well Pump Motors for a Pharmaceutical Company

Over twenty years ago, HECO started servicing electric motors for a local pharmaceutical company. One of the recurring issues they encountered was well pump motors that were failing within months of installation. We helped them track down the source of the problem: water was getting into the winding. Once that water got in, it caused the winding to ground and led to catastrophic motor failure. To remedy the damage, the motor would have to be rewound.

Rather than just settling for rewinding electric motors after they failed, our experts here at HECO decided to stop the problem for good. They took a new motor and insulated the windings using the VPI process as opposed to the traditional dip and bake. Once this new motor was installed, the premature electric motor failures stopped. The problem was completely solved and we managed to save our customer money and downtime.

That's when HECO started performing the VPI process on specialty applications on new motors -- not just motors in for repair and rewind. This approach successfully prevents this common type of winding failure and significantly extends the useful life of the motors used in applications such as well pumps.

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