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Selecting the Correct Motor Enclosure


Are you replacing your failed motor with the best motor for your application and environment? The easy part of replacing your motor is matching the frame size, horsepower, RPM, and voltage, but it may not always be wise to just replace the motor with a motor matching the same enclosure that you have always had.

It is important to consider what enclosure is best for the environment that the motor is going to be installed in. You certainly wouldn’t want to continue on with a mistake that was made when the original motor was selected. Often times equipment OEM’s select a motor based on cost and not what's in the best interest of the longevity of service.

What your new IIoT Gadgets wont tell you about your motors


Let me start by saying that we love sensors and gadgets! In fact we are selling and installing sensors daily. The available IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technologies for reliability and predictive maintenance have never been greater. The tools available today have saved hundreds of millions of dollars in lost downtime and repair costs. Some of these technologies boast that they call tell you of an impending failure down to the week/day of that imminent failure.

Visual Inspections are still as important as ever!


In the world of technology, more specifically maintenance technology, there are so many different tools we are using to make decisions. We use vibration analysis, ultrasonic analysis, motor current analysis, thermography, and so many other technologies that many times the most simple and cost-affordable technology is sometimes forgotten: YOUR EYES!

Visual inspections can tell you a lot about how a piece of equipment is running. Does it have clogged filters? is there an oil leak? is the oil level high? is it low? Is the fan cover plugged? are cooling fins plugged?

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