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Using a Surplus Motor to Solve a Problem - 1250HP, 394RPM, 4000v Vertical Motor Case Study


We received a phone call from a motor repair shop that had a power plant client that was under a unit wide shutdown due to a breakdown on a 1000 HP 394 RPM 4000v GE Vertical Solid Shaft Pump Motor. With a replacement motor 9 months out, and a completely destroyed, practically unrepairable original motor, they were asking - "Can you help?"

Lucky for this customer, we had a potential surplus motor in our inventory. Would this work? Below you will see some of the steps and comparisons that were taken to perform this evaluation.

Ever consider purchasing a surplus electric motor?


When it comes time to purchase an electric motor, whether its an AC Induction Motor, AC Synchronous Motor, AC Wound Rotor Motor, or even a DC Motor, you have many options to consider. What brand should you buy? Who should you buy it from? How do you get something that fits? How do you get the best deal?

How often do you consider a surplus motor as a viable option? There are many perks to purchasing a surplus motor but you also have to be careful when you purchase them to make sure you are getting what you expect.

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