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AC Induction Electric Motor Retrofit Guideline


There are not many new plants being built these days. Yes, there are some but most of what takes place today is retrofitting of older, existing equipment in plants that already exist. This process of retrofitting older equipment to new, modern, technology can be complex. We see many instances where someone replaces without considering all of the aspects of a replacement and the motor ends up not working. This article should serve as a guide for doing retrofits on large electric motors, focusing on AC Induction motors. We also want to give credit for a lot of this information from our friends at Siemens. They do many retrofits every year with us as well as their other channel partners.

Is a Severe Duty Electric Motor Worth the Cost?


When the time comes to replace an electric motor, or add another one, there are two main categories to choose from: General Purpose and Severe Duty Electric Motors. Choose correctly and you’ll have the most effective motor at the most cost-efficient price. Make the wrong call and someone up the chain will be very unhappy.

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