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Are Repair and Reliability Enemies?!


At my core, I am an electric motor guy, more specifically an electric motor repair guy – or at least that’s what I have always thought. I am a fourth-generation family member in the electric motor repair industry. I am the President of a large primarily electric motor company with various divisions including electric motor repair, product sales, equipment management, and predictive maintenance.

So its natural for me to be a motor guy, right?

No, not really! I did start as a "motor guy" but have transitioned into more of a reliability focus, thanks to the approach that HECO has always taken to repair; which is unique and started well before my time. Don't get me wrong - the motor is still a vast majority of what our expertise is on and in no way am I nor HECO pulling away from that. However, this approach that HECO takes is a simple understanding that looking at an electric motor by itself is like looking at only the engine of your vehicle. That’s great the engine purrs perfectly but if your car doesn’t have any wheels, you’re not going to be able to travel very far! You must look beyond just the motor at the entire application and system to provide the RIGHT solution for clients.

What Are Uptime Elements for Asset Management?- Webinar


The above video is a recording of a webinar given on 1/21/2021. Click on Uptime graphic to view webinar.

What is Uptime Elements as it relates to your asset management strategies?

Join our webinar to find out more about how Uptime Elements can benefit your enterprise. 

At its simplest level, the Uptime Elements framework is a language that aligns stakeholders across your organization for improved reliability in your company's operations.

All things that can be mastered begin with the acquisition of a specialized language that contains words, concepts and ideas.

An example would be a doctor in medical training who begins by studying the specialized words, phrases and concepts related to the practice of medicine. The same is true for reliability.

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