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Know Your Vertical Motor Thrust Bearings


One of the biggest differences between horizontal motors and vertical motors is the bearing arrangement. Typically, the bearing arrangement inside a vertical motor consists of one or more thrust bearings and a guide bearing. The thrust bearing is commonly mounted on the top of the motor and the guide bearing is located on the bottom. The typical thrust bearings found in a vertical motor are one or more angular contact bearings, a spherical roller bearing, or a hydrodynamic plate bearing, lubricated in an oil bath reservoir. The axial force is either upward, downward or balanced, and is generally the factor used to size the thrust bearing. As the thrust becomes greater, the bearing size or quantity of bearings normally increases.

How Do I Make My Plant More Reliable?


In the industrial environment there is a constant stream of new technologies coming to market that claim to be able to increase up-time and reliability. All of these new tools and high tech gadgets generally provide one thing... data. Collecting data and then knowing what to do with it, in a very broad sense, is one of the most important thing that you can do to increase reliability. Take for instance vibration monitoring devices that collect machine data on rotating equipment, they are incredibly valuable predictors of failures assuming one has the knowledge to determine what the collected data means for that piece of equipment. Seeing a trend towards failure on a unit gives you the opportunity to be proactive instead of reactive, like having a spare on hand and scheduling a change over.

How Does Vibration Analysis Work?


In recent years, companies have entered the transition from reactive maintenance, to planned maintenance, and into the most efficient method found in predictive maintenance. While the first two methods have dominated in the past, they have been found to be costly, inefficient in time, and sometimes result in over-maintenance of machines. 

In predictive maintenance, machine downtime, cost for spare parts, and overtime are all held to a minimum. With all of these benefits, you may be asking - “What is the best implementation of predictive maintenance in my workplace?"

One of the most effective ways of predictive services is Vibration Analysis.

Maintenance Philosophies: Breakdown Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance


The below video is a 7 minute segment of a 30 minute long presentation given by Adam Smith and Jacob Bell of HECO PSG at the 2017 Reliability, Process, and Maintenance (RPM) Symposium. This presentation discusses three different maintenance philosophies: breakdown maintenance, preventive maintenance, and predictive maintenance.

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