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Do you have an electric motor vendor or partner?


If you sit back and think about the relationship that you have with the company that you are doing your electric motor repair/replacement business with, are they really serving you or serving themselves? Do you have a vendor who actually cares about your uptime and reliability of the products that they repair and sell? When meeting new prospective clients, we often hear that our current vendor is “always ready to serve us” or “I can call them 24/7 and they jump through hoops”, all things that a partner can do. It is very seldom that we hear from prospective clients that their last vendor solved an issue that they have had for years or hear them rave about how much money that vendor saved them or increased their uptime and production.

6 Things to Consider When Adding a VFD to Your System


Have you been thinking about adding a variable frequency drive (VFD) to an electric motor in your plant? VFD's are great controls that allows you to change the speed of the machine at the push of a button or you can program it into your automation platform. 

Before adding a Variable Frequency Drive to an electric motor in your plant, take a look at these 6 factors and see if its the right for for you:

Do You Know What Motors Are In Your Plant?


Don’t you love when a motor fails on you in your plant and come to find out you didn’t even know that motor was there or even worse there is no spare?  Now you have unwanted downtime, rush repair costs/rushing in a new motor, rigging cost and an unwanted hit to your budget. This then makes you realize there could be another piece of equipment in your facility that you don’t know about, that is vital in your process.

On-site vs. Off-site Electric Motor Repair: 4 Factors to Consider


A dilemma every industrial facility comes to time and time again. An electric motor in your facility has an issue, it could be a vibration issue, bearing issue, or a variety of other items. Now is decision time... should you remove that motor from service and send it out to a motor repair shop or should you ask the motor repair shop to come to you and service the motor right where it sits?

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