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What your new IIoT Gadgets wont tell you about your motors


Let me start by saying that we love sensors and gadgets! In fact we are selling and installing sensors daily. The available IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technologies for reliability and predictive maintenance have never been greater. The tools available today have saved hundreds of millions of dollars in lost downtime and repair costs. Some of these technologies boast that they call tell you of an impending failure down to the week/day of that imminent failure.

IIoT vs. PdM (Internet of Things Vs. Predictive Maintenance)


When you start a compare and contrast with Predictive Maintenance and the Internet of Things within the industrial maintenance world; you may have some people scratch their head and say, “are they not the same thing?”.  Well, the easy answer is a simple answer of yes and no.  Yes, they are both moving towards a new way of understanding maintenance and maintenance needs.  No, they are not the same because different tools and technologies are being used to assess equipment and assets. 

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