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Why A Quick Answer Isn't Always the Best Answer


A philosophy of our company has always been to help whenever we can. We have the resources, experience, and mindset to bring solutions to our customers on almost every motor related issue. Often times we are asked to bring solutions and answer questions to problems in breakdown situations without all of the facts. These breakdown situation questions can either be on motors that have been sent into our shop or motors that are still in-service. 

The Importance of a Sacrificial Stator Coil in Factory Acceptance Testing


Sacrificail Stator CoilFactory Acceptance Testing (FAT) is becoming more common in large motors purchases and repair validation. Many end users are starting to establish specifications that include every test imaginable to ensure that the motor is designed and built to the specification provided and will last as long as current technology and testing procedures allow.

Inspection Time - How quickly should an electric motor be inspected?


How detailed do you want the inspection to be? A more detailed inspection can take time. Do we rush detectives to solve crimes or would we rather they spend a bit more time to make sure they get the right guy? The same applies to an electric motor inspection.

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