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Do you have an electric motor vendor or partner?


If you sit back and think about the relationship that you have with the company that you are doing your electric motor repair/replacement business with, are they really serving you or serving themselves? Do you have a vendor who actually cares about your uptime and reliability of the products that they repair and sell? When meeting new prospective clients, we often hear that our current vendor is “always ready to serve us” or “I can call them 24/7 and they jump through hoops”, all things that a partner can do. It is very seldom that we hear from prospective clients that their last vendor solved an issue that they have had for years or hear them rave about how much money that vendor saved them or increased their uptime and production.

What NEMA Standard Electric Motor is Best for You?



Maybe you need a new NEMA standard electric motor. Maybe you need a previously owned one. In either case, there are some important questions to ask before placing the order. If you make the wrong call, it can cost you — big time.

The following will give you some tips to help make sure you don’t make that costly mistake.


OK, you need another motor – Then you call your local electric motor sales office.  Did you ask yourself, "Why?"

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