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Commonly Misunderstood Items on Electric Motor Nameplates


Todd A. Hatfield - Vice President of Engineering & Repair, HECO

This is the third article (video) in a series of articles on The Basics of AC Induction Motors. The first video explored the basic principles of AC Induction motors focusing on magnetism, electromagnetic induction, AC current, and rotating magnetic fields. The second segment  discussed the different components that makes up an AC Induction Electric Motor: Rotor types and construction, stators and winding types, and bearing types. This presentation gets into some items that are commonly misunderstood on electric motor nameplates such as speed, slip, service factor, insulation class, temperature rise, NEMA design, and KVA code., This was originally presented at the Reliability, Process, and Maintenance (RPM) Symposium on Sep 13-14, 2016.

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