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How to Bid Out an ANEMA Motor


When looking to upgrade or purchase a spare medium voltage or ANEMA (above NEMA) motor it can be very intimidating. You have different enclosures, bearing designs, accessories, and about 100 manufacturers that would love to sell you a motor. You will also need take a good look at the driven equipment and your plant equipment to see what issues this upgrade/spare motor may cause. Wouldn’t it be nice to send everything you need to one place and have them do all the work? But that isn’t always the case. 

What Electric Motor Frame Sizes Tell You


It is standard to see the “frame” size on every electric motor nameplate, but do you understand what that frame means in regard to the mounting of the motor? Many have been in the situation where you needed a specific frame only to realize it was made with a special shaft or has a mounting flange, but no one knew how to find this information!

Ever consider purchasing a surplus electric motor?


When it comes time to purchase an electric motor, whether its an AC Induction Motor, AC Synchronous Motor, AC Wound Rotor Motor, or even a DC Motor, you have many options to consider. What brand should you buy? Who should you buy it from? How do you get something that fits? How do you get the best deal?

How often do you consider a surplus motor as a viable option? There are many perks to purchasing a surplus motor but you also have to be careful when you purchase them to make sure you are getting what you expect.

How much does a new electric motor cost?


So... you are looking to purchase a new electric motor and you are trying to get an idea of what the cost will be. That's a pretty loaded question. Think of an automobile - you can get a pickup truck, a sedan, a coupe, or even a semi truck. What is it exactly that you need? Obviously a semi truck is going to cost a lot more than a standard family sedan.

Where Should I Buy My Electric Motors?


In today’s day and age you can put any motor part or catalog number into an internet search engine and come back with numerous places to purchase the unit.  Being that the maintenance world tends to be on the reactive side of purchasing this makes it easy to get your hand on a product right away.  Is this always the best way to purchase a motor?  Is buying from the company you buy your bearings from a good idea? Maybe you are getting a chance to buy directly from the manufacturer? Or should you purchase from an EASA shop (Electrical Apparatus Repair Association) that is repairing your motors?  All of these options have pro and cons when it comes to buying.

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