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Apples, Oranges, and Above-NEMA (A-NEMA) Large Electric Motors


A-NEMA_electric_motors-apples_or_oranges.jpgLarge electric motors, those of 400HP or more, are typically referred to as Above-NEMA or A-NEMA electric motors. When it comes time to purchase one (either new or previously owned), it’s vitally important that when bidding manufacturer to manufacturer, they are all given the same parameters.

There is tremendous value in saying “This is what I want.” Without specifying, “what you want” you will simply get what each manufacturer builds. It’s like the old saying “apples vs. oranges”. If you don’t specify that everybody quote an “apple” and you just say you want a piece of fruit, you might get an apple, an orange, or even a banana!

By specifying exactly what you want, you will have leveled the playing field and stand a much better chance of getting precisely the right motor for the job.

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