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Should Your Motor Vendor Store Your Spare Electric Motors?


spare-electric-motors.jpgAs a motor repair facility and supplier of new motors you tend to get asked the question, do you offer storage for my spare electric motors? When deciding if you should move your spares you need to ask yourself a few questions about what you are currently doing in-house:

  • Are these spares getting inventoried regularly?
  • Are the shafts being spun regularly?
  • Is the area clean of dust/debris?
  • Are they stored in a temperature controlled environment?
  • Are they stored seperate from a repair production area? 

Are you doing all these things? If not you are opening yourself up to extra rigging cost, expedited/rush motor deliveries and or rush/expedited repairs, plus downtime.

If you currently do not have the space and or personnel to manage your inventory then contacting your motor supplier may be a good idea. This being said it isn’t as easy as just picking up your motors and putting them on a shelf. They should start by evaluating the spares you currently have in house, do you really need Qty (5) 50HP motors when you only have one application that uses this?

Taking a look at your critical applications and discuss an acceptable amount of time it would take to get this unit to your facility. If these units have been on the shelf for a while, having the shop test them to make sure they are usable is also a good idea. Be sure to take a look at where they are going to store these units, is it in a clean, dry environment free from production or are they being stacked on top of eachother? You should also have a plan in place to make sure that shafts are being rotated and if more critical pieces of equipment should have further inspection done.

There is nothing worse than pulling a spare motor installing it and realizing it is not good, so make sure you have good practices in place! In this case, what was the point of even having the spare?

HECO has been implementing and managing spare asset management programs for over 30 years. These are much more than just storing a few motors on a shelf and putting them into a spreadsheet. These programs are all encompassing programs focused on reliability.


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Samantha Hatfield Lane

HECO - All Systems Go



About the author:

Samantha Lane  is an Account Manager and New Product Specialist for HECO - All Systems Go. Samantha has over 15 years of experience in the electric motor industry in a variety of roles and responsibilities. Samantha has assisted customers to implement asset management programs ranging in size and scope and has helped customers ensure they have the spares they need, when theny need them. 

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