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Should Distance be a Factor in Determining an Electric Motor Repair Vendor?


road-259815_1920.jpgDoes shorter travel time translate into longer equipment life?

 Maybe it does, but in order to answer this question we need to take a look at a few factors that can make the difference. Right down the road from your plant is XYZ Shop, you’ve been using them for years because they can respond quickly, and when you get the motor back, well… it works. You’ve sent this 100HP vertical to them five times over the past six years and every time it bolts right back in place and runs. You continue to send it over because, John knows my motor. At this point I’d agree. After having it in his shop five times he knows exactly what to do to make that motor run again. Here’s a thought, what if it’s the pump and not the motor that is the root cause of the failure? Does John ask the question about the driven equipment after seeing the same mode of failure over and over again? Or does it not matter because we’ve grown comfortable with XYZ Shop and they do a good job of getting the motor up and running again, even if it is every 14 months.

 Ask yourself the following:

 Does the geography of XYZ Shop really matter versus a vendor that is say three hours away, if shutting down, locking out, and equipment removal will take that long?

Is it worth the travel time to have access to qualified staff, such as engineers who have likely seen this mode of failure several other times and have already designed repair protocol to mitigate these specific problems in the future?

Does XYZ Shop have a team of certified technicians to come on site and analyze the entire driven system for potential misalignments, imbalance or a variety of other issues to prevent future failures?

Does the perceived convenience really hold up over the long term if you look at the equipment over the course of years instead of moment by moment? 

 In our current world of immediate action, a universe of information at our finger tips, and shopping from our couch, we’ve grown accustomed to convenience.

If your vendor allows you to answer positively to the above, then you are in good hands with the added benefit of geography. However, if there are ways to improve the reliability of your operation by exploring a vendor who offers a different approach to your problems, don’t discount them based solely on where they sit on a map. It’s not very convenient to be addressing the same problems more than you have to. 


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Ryan Karcher

HECO - All Systems Go



About the author:

Ryan Karcher  is a Territory Development Manager for HECO - All Systems Go. In Ryan's career with HECO he has developed a variety of long-term motor and powertrain performance systems (MAPPS)  with various accounts in his territory. Ryan has shown time after time that focusing on the overall reliability of the system can save end-users signfigant time and money.


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