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Its 1AM Do You Know Where Your Electric Motors Are? Is That Motor Management?


despair-513529_1920.jpgYou are the Maintenance Manager. You are tasked with keeping the plant running and having adequate replacement spares for critical equipment. It is critical to plant production that you know where every spare piece of equipment is located, that the piece is ready to go into service at a moment’s notice and that the piece of equipment was repaired to your specification during the last time that it was in for service. You don’t have time to physically go searching and certainly don’t want the embarrassment of not knowing where that spare 1000 hp or even 1 hp motor is in the event of an emergency breakdown situation. What could be even worse is knowing where the motor is, taking the time to install, wire, and align the motor only to find that it had not been stored properly and the motor will not run properly. But wait, it can be even worse. You stored the motor properly, you spun the shaft every quarter, kept it clean and dry, you even megged it semi-annually but the shop that repaired it the last time cut some corners, did not follow the specification and the motor is not going to be a viable option to get you out of this breakdown situation.

This can all be solved by selecting a motor repair PARTNER that has the resources to solve all of these issues for you. The reason that I say PARTNER is because these kinds of programs are not going to be successful using the old vendor vs. customer philosophy. A true partner will not only bring solutions to the problems talked about but go above and beyond. When a proper motor management program is put in place, software is used to track the location of every motor within the system. This will include motors in service, motors in your warehouse, motors in an external vendor’s warehouse that they store for you, motors out for repair and even motors that are in the process of being built. A specification must also be implemented based on your industry as well as your specific needs.

So at 1 AM with the stroke of a few keys on a keyboard you know exactly where that replacement motor is and know that your motors have been repaired to your specification. If you are running at risk because you do not have a spare motor for this application you have already been informed by your partner long before that early morning call. This is brought to your attention with a solution and options to get your plant the necessary coverage in the event of a failure.



Many say that they have a motor management data base or software. These imposters use a spreadsheet and call it a motor management program. A real motor management program provides those clients with a web based database that houses the history of that motor. Just like your medical file at your doctor’s office the database should track every life changing event with that motor. When it was purchased? Where did it go after purchase, to a shelf or directly into service? How long was it on the shelf? Was the shaft spun? What were the electrical test results? How long was it on the shelf? What piece of equipment was it connected to? How long was it in service? What was the failure mode of the motor? What did the repair shop do to repair it? Did the repair shop make modification to the motor to extend the life? It can even track how long it took to remove the old motor and install the new one.

HECO has over 30 years’ experience maintaining and keeping track of motors for our clients and currently tracks over 50,000 motors. Our partners are confident that spare motors are where we say they are. This gives you the confidence and security of know where that motor is when it is called for.


Download What To Look For In An Electric Motor Repair Shop


Bob Bolhuis

HECO - All Systems Go



About the author:

Bob Bolhuis  is a Senior Account Manager for HECO - All Systems Go. Bob has over 25 years of experience in the electric motor industry with a focus on large electric motors. Bob has been instrumental in the implementation of a variety of Motor and Powertrain Performance Systems that HECO has partnered with end-users on. 


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