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How to Bid Out an ANEMA Motor


ANEMA MotorWhen looking to upgrade or purchase a spare medium voltage or ANEMA (above NEMA) motor it can be very intimidating. You have different enclosures, bearing designs, accessories, and about 100 manufacturers that would love to sell you a motor. You will also need take a good look at the driven equipment and your plant equipment to see what issues this upgrade/spare motor may cause. Wouldn’t it be nice to send everything you need to one place and have them do all the work? But that isn’t always the case. 

Let’s see if we can help at least make the process a little easier. First you need to narrow down what exactly you are looking to purchase, if you have a spec to refer too and what manufacturers are approved. Have you decided what features are required and what testing needs to be done to the motor? You also need to make sure that the you have all of the nameplate requirements listed (HP, RPM, Voltage, Enclosure, Frame, Bearing Type, KVA Code). Also, having any information on the original motor and its application (frame dimensions, speed vs. torque curves, data packets) will be needed. All of this information will need to be sent out to the different manufacturers. 

What do you do once you start getting quotes back? What if the quoted motors are different than the original? It is easier to have all this information laid out side by side. We have been using the form below to compare each quote:

HECO motor comparison form

Having this information in one form makes it much easier to compare the information and dimensions of the motors you received quotes on. If you are still unsure on your options and are dealing with either the manufacturer or their distributor, have them come in and explain the motors they quoted. You should also have them go onsite and take dimensions to verify the motor option quoted will physically fit. See if their engineer on staff can come to this meeting to look over the submittal documents that have been supplied and verify that they meet the demands of your driven equipment.


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Samantha Hatfield Lane

HECO - All Systems Go



About the author:

Samantha Lane  is an Account Manager and New Product Specialist for HECO - All Systems Go. Samantha has over 15 years of experience in the electric motor industry in a variety of roles and responsibilities. Samantha has assisted customers to implement asset management programs ranging in size and scope and has helped customers ensure they have the spares they need, when they need them. 

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