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Is the Electric Motor Repair Shop Near Me Big Enough?


large electric motor repairWhat you may think is just a "mom & pop", local electric motor repair shop may have more capabilities and a farther reach than you think.

Finding the Right Shop

People often assume that a local shop is only going to have a local reach with little capabilities. For example, let's say your facility is in Chicago and you need a repair shop to keep your motors and drive-trains running. But, you've heard some good things about a shop in Kalamazoo and have found the information on their site helpful. But you figure the Kalamazoo shop doesn't have the reach to meet your motor repair needs, so you settle for a local shop. After all, it is more convenient and they seem to do fine with repairing your motors ... or do they?

Does Distance Matter?

The truth is that distance does matter, but not always in the way you think. When looking at motor repair and maintenance, it is easy to assume that a shorter distance means a better option. Keep in mind that there is the possibility that sending your motors to a shop further away could mean access to better quality repairs.

A little math often shows that the extra costs associated with distance might pay for themselves if the repair quality with more expertise, experience & equipment. Some research and a few phone calls might reveal that the Kalamazoo motor repair shop charges are still extremely competitive with your local shop. Also, you might be surprised to learn that the Kalamazoo shop partners with certified local shops in other states, including yours.

Motor Management and PdM

Motor management is another major consideration, and there's more to it than just a list of the motors you have. Each one of your motors should have a file with information on all repairs and maintenance it has experienced. Such a file should include when it was purchased, when the shaft was last spun, the results of electrical tests, how long it has been in service, its location, etc.

A good motor management program also helps you know where your spares are and what condition they are in. Once this data is connected with your Predictive Maintenance (PdM) or conditioned-based maintenance programs, it becomes invaluable. Suppose you have a motor that is due for maintenance next week. Your motor management system will let you know if you have a spare to take its place, where you can find it, and whether you can simply drop it in or if it needs to some maintenance first.

Remote Monitoring

And while we are on the subject of motor management and maintenance, here is something else to consider. With more and more equipment monitoring taking advantage of IIoT, the condition and performance of your motors can be tracked remotely. Remote monitoring eliminates a lot of geographical issues and makes it possible for motor performance data across locations to be consolidated. The most ideal situation is to have remote monitoring, motor management, and PdM are consolidated across locations. But that still leaves a problem: can you find reliable motor repair shops for your locations that can use that data to support your goals?

HECO: More Than You Think

Potential clients often assume that HECO is a local shop or has limited capabilities. While HECO may not be as large as some corporate repair shop programs, we are still larger than 90% of motor shops in the US. And our location in Kalamazoo has tremendous reach: we can compete with shops in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, for example.

HECO's EASA accredited shop is a fully-staffed and equipped motor repair and maintenance shop for AC & DC motors from 1HP through 25,000HP, 13.8kV. Our facilities includes a 65,000 square feet main shop location that we have been operating out of for 50 years and a newly acquired 50,223 square feet location (formerly DMS Motor Solutions) that has a 50 ton crane, a 96 inch swing lathe, and a 10' diameter Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) System. In fact, not only can we handle small motors, but we do large motor repairs, too.

HECO offers EASA accredited repairs and reconditioning along with comprehensive motor management, customized maintenance programs, and even spare equipment solutions. And because of our reach and partnerships with other accredited shops, we can provide these services and solutions for all your locations.

HECO might be mistaken for a local shop, but we have far more extensive capabilities than an average local shop and reach as well. Contact us today to find out how we can help you meet your electric motor maintenance and operations goals.

Author & Contact Info: Samantha Lane 

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