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How do you control electric motor repair pricing?


heco-repair-capabilities5.jpgWhen you send an electric motor out for repair, do you have any clue on what the price will be before it is inspected? How do you plan for repair prices? How do you ensure what price you are getting from your vendor is competitive?

This article is intended to present a different approach to the traditional method of sending out an electric motor repair and waiting for a quotation. Once a motor is sent out and the quotation is in hand it is very difficult to measure pricing among vendors, unless you are willing to pay an inspection fee and pull the motor from one shop to another. Most motor shops will tell you that happens very rarely where a motor is pulled from their shop after inspection.

A different approach to this is to implement a pricing matrix that covers the different motor size and speeds and prices out all of the primary functions that may be required. Consider the 80/20 rule when looking at this. A matrix should cover 80% of the repairs that occur. There are always that 20% of random items that can not be priced ahead of time. Learn more about a pricing matrix in the below video.



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