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Electric Motor Repair: Personnel & Expertise vs Equipment?


RPM Breakout sessionAn electric motor repair shop is more than just tools, test instruments, and equipment. It’s made up of members...that have experience, a commitment to the shop’s core values, are active participants in apprenticeships, and serve as effective team leaders and managers. And it’s just as important that their work and expertise be respected. 

Experience in Motor Repair

Experience is a critical aspect of any repair team: even the most cutting-edge equipment and technology cannot make up for a lack of hands-on experience in working with electric motors. And experts like this must also be willing to share their knowledge with newer team members coming on board. Techniques, processes, and tips should be readily shared with others to strengthen the experience and knowledge base of the shop as a whole. And this experience needs to be leveraged to provide maximum benefit to customers.

Commitment to Core Values

Every motor repair shop should have a set of core values, and they aren’t always the ones expressed on a company’s website. Core values such as quality, reliability, and good customer service must exist off the page and in the daily work performed by the team. Whether an employee works in the accounting office handling invoices, on the floor running initial tests on incoming electric motors, or responsible for transporting the massive electric motors into a dip and varnish tank, their choices and actions on a daily basis make up the core values of the company. And the experience team members bring with them contributes to and strengthens those core values.


In a typical apprenticeship, the apprentice works under the supervision of a team member who has extensive knowledge and experience that they can pass on to the apprentice. While they are being taught, they gain hands-on experience with simple procedures and tests until their supervisor feels they have proven their skills. As their skillset grows, so does their level of responsibility. 

Apprenticeships provide more than just training because they build strong relationships and help new team, inexperienced members learn to take pride in their work. And they give more experienced team members a chance to share what they know and instill the shop’s core values into their apprentices.

Team Leaders and Managers

A good repair shop will carefully choose the right team leaders in all departments. Team leads are the ones who are responsible for ensuring that quality and reliability are upheld. They serve as the voice of the employees to upper management, checking in with their employees and representing their needs. And in a good repair shop, team leads are not always employees that have been there the longest, but employees that understand the shop’s core values and take pride in what they do and are capable of leading others.


Insight into test results, the ability to troubleshoot quickly and effectively, and practical skills with repair and reconditioning are key to the success of any electric motor repair shop. The skills and understanding of the repair technicians must be respected not only by the other technicians but by team leaders and managers.

When someone who knows what they’re doing says something is wrong, their concerns should not be ignored. When new policies or procedures are being developed, their input and perspective must be taken into account. And the safety of team members is another facet of respect. A repair shop that knowingly puts the safety and health of their employees at risk will be just as careless with the work they do on your motors. 


Electric motor repair shops are only as good as their employees. And at HECO, we have sought out the best team members we can find in terms of experience, commitment to quality, and shared core values. We encourage apprenticeships and support training the next generation of motor repair experts. Our team leaders are chosen not for how long they have been here or who they have influence with, but based on their contributions and shared values. And finally, we respect the skills and experience our teams bring to HECO--and we respect our employees enough to make sure their working conditions are safe.

If you are looking for an electric motor repair shop with a solid foundation of experienced, skilled, respected technicians to repair, troubleshoot, and maintain your electric motors, look no further than HECO.  ALL SYSTEMS GO. 

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