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Ever consider purchasing a surplus electric motor?


SurplusMotorsBlogWhen it comes time to purchase an electric motor, whether its an AC Induction Motor, AC Synchronous Motor, AC Wound Rotor Motor, or even a DC Motor, you have many options to consider. What brand should you buy? Who should you buy it from? How do you get something that fits? How do you get the best deal?

How often do you consider a surplus motor as a viable option? There are many perks to purchasing a surplus motor but you also have to be careful when you purchase them to make sure you are getting what you expect.

A surplus motor can provide many benefits. Below are a few:

  • Exact (or very similar) matching motors available (mechanically & electrically)
  • Significant cost reduction (many times 30%+)
  • Customization to make the motor fit your application
  • Available in a fraction of the time of a new motor build (days versus months)
  • Warranties that match (or exceed) new builds (when applicable)

Many times a surplus motor can really be a great option to get you out of a bind. Time and time again, we see a surplus motor save the day in an emergency or save a boat load of money versus a new motor.

 There are many ways in which you can purchase a used motor to protect yourself or to save money, the choice is yours when you purchase it. Below are some of the ways in which you can purchase a surplus motor:

  • $ As-Is: You are buying it exactly how it sits today, no warranty and no assurances other than it is what it is described to be.
  • $$ E-Ok: You are buying it based on the assumption that the motor tests acceptably electrically. No warranty and it must be what it is described to be.
  • $$$ Reconditioned: You are buying a motor that has been cleaned up and tests good electrically and operates good mechanically. Typically the motor isn’t completely warrantied but the work performed as part of the recondition is.
  • $$$$ Rebuilt and Warrantied: You are getting a motor that is completely warrantied like a new motor and guaranteed to perform as described.

In conclusion, a surplus motor can be a great option to consider if it fits the requirements of your application. You can get an identical motor or even a similar vintage motor that can fit perfectly in the place of your original motor.

Did you know that HECO has surplus motors in stock from 1HP up to 10,000HP? Give us a call today if you’d be interested in buying, or even selling, surplus electric motors.


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Justin T. Hatfield, CMRP

HECO - All Systems Go



About the author:

Justin T. Hatfield, CMRP  is the President at HECO - All Systems Go. He is responsible for Electric Motor & Drive Sales, Electric Motor & Generator Repairs, Spare Solutions, and Predictive Services. Justin was instrumental in developing HECO MAPPS (Motor and Powertrain Performance Systems) which focuses on “why” you have a motor problem instead of simply “What” product or service should be recommended. Justin is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) by the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP). HECO is an EASA Accredited Service Center for Electric Motors as well as a provider of predictive maintenance & reliability services and products throughout the United States.

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