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Case Study 5500HP, 13,200v, Synchronous Motor: (Part 7) Adapter Base


5500HP stator and adaptor base-1For part 7 of this series, Todd Hatfield will be explaining the process of creating the adapter base in the 2 videos below. Video one explains the engineering of the adapter base design, while the second video explains the process of mounting the stator to the adapter base.

Video 1 describes:

  • Creating a CAD drawing to ensure the adapter base design was scaled to fit into the concrete pit
  • Taking the designs to a fabricator to create the base with additional support
  • The stress relief process that was performed to relieve the stress the heat from welding produced
  • Sending the adapter base to a boring mill so they could machine the surfaces to the tolerances we provided



Video 2 explains:

  • Fitting the stator into the adapter base and welding the bolts to keep it in place
  • Determining where to brace the floor to put gussets in order to stabilize the base



With one post left in the series, make sure you are all caught up starting with...


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Todd A. Hatfield

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About the author:

Todd Hatfield is a Senior Electrical Engineer at HECO. He has over 35 years' experience in generator and electric motor repair and engineering. Todd has a BS in Electrical Engineering, and his areas of expertise are: electrical and mechanical motor redesigns and engineering, root cause of failure analysis, and quality electric motor rebuilding.

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