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IoT (Internet of Things) & Predictive Maintenance Technologies

Field Service vs. In-Shop Repairs for Your Electric Motors

What is Cavitation & What Are the Causes of Cavitation?

Is Repairing Your Electric Motor Still a Viable Option?

Do you have an electric motor vendor or partner?

How to Apply Predictive Technologies & Maintenance

Are Repair and Reliability Enemies?!

How to Store Your Electric Motors Off-Site

What Does EASA Accreditation Mean to Me?

Bidding/Specifying Your Vibration Analysis Program (Series)

Motion Amplification in Modern Vibration Analysis (Series)

How to Setup Remote Vibration Monitoring (Series)

The Basics of Modal Analysis for Electric Motors and Powertrains (Series)

The Importance of Route-Based Data Acquisition (Series)

Balancing Rotating Equipment: Static vs Dynamic (Series)

Vibration Analysis Equipment: Sensors and Hardware (Series)

Vibration Analysis Training: Who’s Doing Your Analysis? (Series)

What's the Average Lead Time on Electric Motor Repairs?

Is Your Equipment Asset Management System Ready to Save the Day?

Do Vertical Flange Mount Electric Motors Need to Be Aligned?

Magnetic Degaussing: Why it is Critical for Electric Motor Repair?

Why Vendor-Manufacturer Partnerships are Important to End-Users

Electric Motor Repair: Observations and Findings

What Test Instruments are Used to Electrically Test an Electric Motor?

What Are the Basics of Electric Motor Inspection Electrical Testing?

Why Baking Ovens Are Important In the Electric Motor Repair Process

Free Electric Motor Storage - Is it Really Free?

Electric Motor Repair: Personnel & Expertise vs Equipment?

What Are Uptime Elements for Asset Management?- Webinar

Mechanical Inspection of Electric Motors: What Really Matters?

What Components May Need Machining During an Electric Motor Repair?

Initial Test Runs On an Electric Motor Repair: What Does That Include?

Considerations when repairing a Two-Pole (3600 RPM) Electric Motor

What Are the 7 Steps to Quality Electric Motor Repair?

Are Your Spare Electric Motors Ready to Go When They Are Needed?

Electric Motor Repair & Steam Cleaning Go Hand in Hand

Electric Motor Tags-Why They are Critical for Your Motor's Success?

What Causes Bearing Fluting in Electrical Motors?

What Electric Motor Bearings Should I Use for This Application?

Electric Motor Insulation Class - What is It?

What is a Medium Voltage Drive (VFD)?

What Does an Rotary Encoder Do for Electric Motors?

HECO Does Big & Small Electric Motors

Electric Motors: Why Do New Ones Fail Sometimes?

VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) for Electric Motors in Wet Environments

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation or VPI: What is It?

Electric Motors & Hazardous Locations – An Overview

Does Your Electric Motor Vendor Outsource Repairs?

Electric Motor Brakes: What Type is Right for You?

Ultrasound - Are You Listening to Your Plant Floor Equipment?

How to Test an Electric Motor: Techniques, Part 2

How to Test an Electric Motor: Techniques, Part 1

Reactive Maintenance Costs vs. Planned Costs for Electric Motors

How to Reverse Your Electric Motor

Know the 4 Winding Failures in AC Electric Motors

How Many Times Can You Repair an Electric Motor?

Is the Electric Motor Repair Shop Near Me Big Enough?

NEMA T-Frame Motors and Why They Are Not All the Same

Reliable Electric Motors - Do they actually exist? (From IMC-2018)

Importance of Air Gap in Electric Motors

Eddy Current vs. VFD Technology

How Much Grease is Too Much for My Electric Motor?

Do You Know What Equipment is in Your Plant?

Types of Sleeve Bearings & Sleeve Bearing Repair

Considerations for Purchasing a Large Electric Motor

Why is EASA Critical in Electric Motor Repair?

Remote Condition Monitoring & Your Boots on the Ground

Remote Condition Monitoring...When Should I Switch?

Powertrain Vibration: It's Not Always a Balance Issue

Where Is Your Motor Being Repaired?

I don't care why it failed - Just get production running again!

6 Things to Consider When Adding a VFD to Your System

What should I pay for an electric motor repair?

Why Is Vibration Analysis Needed?

Electric Motor Management or Electric Motor Hotel?

Do You Know What Motors Are In Your Plant?

Know Your Vertical Motor Thrust Bearings

How to Bid Out an ANEMA Motor

Why A Quick Answer Isn't Always the Best Answer

The Importance of a Sacrificial Stator Coil in Factory Acceptance Testing

Is Your Motor Repair Shop Making You Dependent on Them or Teaching You?

A Picture Says a Thousand Words, or in the Case of IRIS M, Millions of Enhanced Pixels

How Do I Make My Plant More Reliable?

How Important is Correct Motor Shaft Alignment?

Case Study 5500HP, 13,200v, Synchronous Motor: (Part 8) Final Assembly and Installation

Case Study 5500HP, 13,200v, Synchronous Motor: (Part 7) Adapter Base

Case Study 5500HP, 13,200v, Synchronous Motor: (Part 6) Stator Redesign and Rewind

Case Study 5500HP, 13,200v, Synchronous Motor: (Part 5) Electrical Design of Rotor

Case Study 5500HP, 13,200v, Synchronous Motor: (Part 4) Mechanical Design of Shaft and Rotor

Case Study 5500HP, 13,200v, Synchronous Motor: (Part 3) Electrical & Mechanical Redesign Engineering

Case Study 5500HP, 13,200v, Synchronous Motor: (Part 2) Evaluating Surplus Motor Options and Initial On-site Application Review

Case Study 5500HP, 13,200v, Synchronous Motor: (Part 1) Problem Identification & Potential Solution

What is an AC Synchronous Motor?

Don't Forget About the Base! Your Equipment's Base Could be Causing you Issues.

Should you Consider an IEEE-841 Motor?

What Is Our Predictive Maintenance World Coming To? - The History of PdM

What Electric Motor Frame Sizes Tell You

How Managing Motor Inventory Can Increase Reliability and Reduce Cost

What is a Core Loss Test on an Electric Motor?

Selecting the Correct Motor Enclosure

How Does Vibration Analysis Work?

Using a Surplus Motor to Solve a Problem - 1250HP, 394RPM, 4000v Vertical Motor Case Study

Ever consider purchasing a surplus electric motor?

What your new IIoT Gadgets wont tell you about your motors

How much does a new electric motor cost?

How fast should you get your electric motor repair back?

Replacing a VFD? Consider a Retrofit.

How transparent is your motor repair shop?

IIoT vs. PdM (Internet of Things Vs. Predictive Maintenance)

Cleaning Up & Consolidating Your Spare Motors

Where Should I Buy My Electric Motors?

Ultrasound Basics - "Can you hear me now?"

Should I Varnish Dip My Motor Every Time?

Proper Storage Practices for Spare Electric Motors

How do you control your electric motor repair vendors?

Are you stuck in a reactive state of maintenance?

What is Vibration Analysis? Time Waveform and FFT Spectrum Analysis

How are you using maintenance data? To make decisions?

Cooling Tower Electric Motor Failure Case Study

What is Vibration Analysis? The Basics

Common Preventable Electric Motor Failures: Windings

Inspection Time - How quickly should an electric motor be inspected?

Maintenance Philosophies: Breakdown Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance

Can your electric motor shop test run your motor or properly power it?

Common Preventable Electric Motor Failures: Bearings

Are your vendors holding you hostage?

8 Quick Ways to Improve Your Plant Maintenance & Reliability

How did you choose your vibration route & vibration analysis company?

On-site vs. Off-site Electric Motor Repair: 4 Factors to Consider

Should Your Motor Vendor Store Your Spare Electric Motors?

Should I Be Charged An Inspection Fee If I Don't Repair My Motor?

Its 1AM Do You Know Where Your Electric Motors Are? Is That Motor Management?

Should Distance be a Factor in Determining an Electric Motor Repair Vendor?

How long does it have? My equipment is failing!

Do you BEAT UP your vendors or PARTNER with them?

Motor Management is more than just storing a few motors!

Maintenance Culture: Are you defending or evolving?

How important is certification for vibration analysis?

So... My Electric Motor Failed - What Now? A Reliability Story

Electric motor items to consider when adding a VFD to your system

Are you trying anything different in order to keep your plant running?

Imbalance and Vibration in your fan are not the same!

What information do you get from your electric motor repair vendors?

How do you manage your electric motor costs?

Go visit your electric motor repair shop!

WARNING! STOP fixing what's broken in your plant!

Electric Motor Repair Vs. Replacement Determination

How old are the electric motors in your plant?

How do you control electric motor repair pricing?

Considering buying a vibration condition monitoring system? Here are the various types of systems and technologies

What do you know about vertical pump motors?

Why do electric motor repair prices vary so much?

800HP Crusher Electric Motor Repair Case Study

Visual Inspections are still as important as ever!

We all make mistakes! So why aren't we talking about them?

Conditions That Impact Electric Motor Life

What vs Why - What maintenance culture do you have?

Vibration Analysis Case Study - Air Compressor Motor Damage

How do you use maintenance and repair information?

Commonly Misunderstood Items on Electric Motor Nameplates

Bearing Failures on VFD Controlled Electric Motors

Analysis of Coupling Bolt Failure - Why Did They Fail?

Does your electric motor repair shop ask questions?

Basics of AC Induction Electric Motors - Motor Components

Vibration Analysis Case Study - 3600RPM Boiler Feed Water Pump Motor

Basics of AC Induction Electric Motors - Magnetism

Vibration Analysis Case Study - 4000HP Induced Draft Fan Structural Resonance (Video)

Electric Motor Repair Case Study - 9000HP Boiler Feed Pump Motor - Repairs Taken & Results

Electric Motor Repair Case Study - 9000HP Boiler Feed Pump Motor - "In-Shop Findings"

Electric Motor Repair Case Study - 9000HP Boiler Feed Pump Motor - "On-Site Findings"

Recent Vibration Analysis & Continuous Monitoring Advances

Is Having a Spare Electric Motor a Good Investment?

What is a Variable Frequency Drive?

What is the typical amount of time between electric motor reconditions?

Methods of Detecting Cracked Rotor Bars in Electric Motors

How do 2-Pole Electric Motor Rotor Bars Crack?

How Does an Induction Electric Motor's Rotor Work?

What are Electric Motor Shaft Circulating Currents?

Electric Motor Ball Bearing Lubrication Pitfalls

Greasing Electric Motor Ball Bearings

Electric Motor Ball Bearings Types & Options

AC Induction Electric Motor Retrofit Guideline

Vibration Condition Monitoring - It's here. It's affordable.

B-Stage vs. VPI Insulation Systems for 13.2KV/13.8KV Large Electric Motors

Redesign Your Electric Motor for Optimum Efficiency.

Integral Motor Horsepower Rule - New DOE Efficiency Requirements - Effective June 1, 2016

Insulating Electric Motors: VPI or Varnish Dip?

Why Electric Motor Management Reduces Costs

Electric Motor Repair vs Replacement - How to Choose?

Apples, Oranges, and Above-NEMA (A-NEMA) Large Electric Motors

How Long Should Electric Motor Repair Take?

Is a Severe Duty Electric Motor Worth the Cost?

Predictive Technologies are the Heart of Reliability

Make Sure Your Electric Motor Repair Shop is EASA Accredited

What A-NEMA Large Electric Motor is Best for You?

What NEMA Standard Electric Motor is Best for You?

Predictive Maintenance Services Adds Life to Plant Equipment

How Much Does It Cost To Repair An Electric Motor?

Which Electric Motor Repair Shop is Right for You?

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