Baldor Electric Motors

Baldor Electric Motors

If you’re looking for an electric motor with an energy-efficient design, Baldor is one of your best options. Here at HECO we know they’re a solid brand with an excellent history of quality, which is why we’re a distributor for them.

Quick History of Baldor Electric

Baldor Electric was founded in 1920 by Edwin C. Ballman, an electrical engineer, and Emil Doerr, a plant supervisor with experience in electric company factories. The name Baldor came from combining their names and soon became synonymous with quality motors. Over the years, Baldor gained an international reputation as one of the outstanding manufacturers of energy-saving industrial electric motors, as well as adjustable speed drives and power transmissions. 

In 2007, Baldor acquired both the Dodge and Reliance Electric brands from Rockwell Automation. However, Baldor Electric Company was acquired by the Swiss company ABB in 2011. Then in 2018, ABB basically made Baldor a part of its global brand, dissolving it into ABB. This change did not impact the quality or workmanship of Baldor motors, but changed the branding to that of ABB although many products are still labeled Baldor, Baldor-Reliance, and Baldor-Dodge. However, visiting will redirect you to ABB where you can find Baldor products.

Baldor Product Overview

As far as industrial motors, Baldor’s product offerings range from fractional to 100,000 horsepower. Motors include AC, DC, gear, linear and servo motors from the Baldor-Reliance and ABB product lines. Baldor also makes durable, efficient mechanical power transmission products that include enclosed gearing, mounted bearings, and power transmission components originating from Baldor-Dodge, as well as bushings and sheaves from Baldor-Maska.

Baldor products are used in an extremely wide range of industries, including agriculture, air handling, water/wastewater, mining, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, packaging, chemical, and aggregate/cement. And these represent some of the most aggressive operating environments you’ll find.

Baldor Motors

Baldor AC Motors

Baldor’s line of AC motors includes premium efficient, general purpose, definite purpose, unit handling, washdown, farm duty, IEC frame, pump, HVAC, inverter/vector, severe duty, and explosion proof. In fact, their severe duty and explosion proof motors have an excellent reputation in the industry. Also included under the AC motor product line are clutches and brakes as well as motors designed specifically for grinders, lathes, and, buffers. In addition, Baldor offers custom AC motors that they will design for you if needed.

Baldor DC Motors

Baldor also manufactures DC motors, including metric frames, lifting magnet generators, integral tachometers, power motors, general purpose motors, washdown motors, and explosion proof motors. Note that Baldor DC motor product line is divided into fractional/integral motors and permanent magnet motors.

Baldor Servo Motors

Baldor manufactures a range of both AC and DC servo motors for industrial automation applications that range from wrapping and cutting to packaging and labeling. These motors are available in both high and low inertia models and various winding options along with choices for gearheads and feedback devices.

Baldor Drives

Baldor-Reliance manufactures drives for DC motor control, known as their BC series, starting at fractional  horsepower through 5 horsepower for single phase 115 and 230 Vac applications. They include chassis drives, NEMA 1 drives, and NEMA 4X drives.

HECO and Baldor

If you need an energy-efficient, reliable Baldor motor, HECO can help you find exactly what you need. We will leverage our strong relationship with Baldor/ABB to help you not only get answers to your questions quickly but receive expert advice about which Baldor motor meets your needs the best.