HECO Awarded Siemens Bronze Eagle Award


Siemens Bronze EagleWe are excited to announce that HECO has been selected by the Siemens Motors Business Unit as a recipient of their prestigious "Business Excellence" Bronze Eagle Award for 2018. This award is presented by Siemens to HECO in recognition of sales achievement and commitment to mutual business development. This award is an annual award that is given to only one Siemens motor distributor in each of their 4 regions. This is HECO's first time achieving this award!

HECO accepted the award at a celebratory luncheon on 8/14/2018 that was hosted by Siemens at HECO's Kalamazoo, MI facility. Q it Up "Left Coast Open Pit" barbeque was brought in for the luncheon and everyone enjoyed the unique style, wood grilled barbecue.

Below are some images from the celebration:


HECO Staff enjoying the luncheon


HECO Accepts Bronze Eagle Award from Siemens

(Pictured Left to right: Bob Meilinger (Siemens' Local Salesman), Mark Hatfield (HECO's CEO), Justin Hatfield (HECO's President), and Rick Drake (Siemens' Business Developer, Motors)


Q it Up Chicken Thighs


Q It Up Grilling


HECO Staff gathering for the celebratory luncheon


Time to eat!


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