Siemens is one of the few brands that still manufacturers large AC electric motors in the unites states. These ANEMA electric motors are built in the Norwood Ohio plant up through 18,000HP.

To be the world’s leading provider of motors for more than 100 years you need to be bold, to evolve, to innovate, to meet customer’s needs the moment they arise. It takes ingenuity – and every day at Siemens Norwood, we bring to life high quality products and services to customers around the world.

Since 1898, every motor we create, is crafted to provide maximum value for our customers’ specific needs – even for the toughest applications.


 Give us a call today for a quotation for a Siemens Norwood, BUILT IN THE USA, large ac electric motor. One of the very few motor brands still manufacturing in the US.

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Justin Hatfield

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About the author:

 Justin Hatfield  is Vice President of Operations at HECO. He is responsible for Electric Motor & Drive Sales, Electric Motor & Generator Repairs, Spare Solutions, and Predictive Services. Justin was instrumental in developing HECO MAPPS (Motor and Powertrain Performance Systems) which focuses on “why” you have a motor problem instead of simply “What” product or service should be recommended. HECO is an EASA Accredited Service Center for Electric Motors as well as a provider of predictive maintenance services and products throughout the United States.