ABB Group Drives

ABB Group Drives

Motor drives are sometimes referred to by the tech behind them, which is why you may see them called eddy current drives or VFDs, or variable frequency drives.  And at HECO, we know that one of the best brands of drives is ABB.

Background on ABB

We’ve already talked about the background of ABB, but in addition to being known for their outstanding motors, ABB also manufactures high quality drives. These ABB drives are used in industries as diverse as cement, pulp and paper, HVAC, chemical, oil & gas, plastics and rubber, mining, power, metals, food and beverage, and marine.

ABB Low Voltage AC Drives

ABB industry-specific low voltage drives are ideal for elevators, HVAC applications, water/wastewater, and heavy duty electric machinery. ABB’s line of micro drives provide precision speed control and are easy to integrate into existing systems and their low-voltage motion control drives are ideal for multi-axis machine control. These ABB drives will reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

ABB Medium Voltage AC Drives

ABB happens to be one of the leading global suppliers of medium voltage drives ranging from 335 hp to over 134,000 hp. These durable, dependable ABB drives support the reduction of CO2 emissions and optimize energy usage for a wide variety of applications ranging from mining to marine. They are one of the best options on the market today.

ABB DC Drives

ABB has a large product line of DC drives that includes drives compatible with IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), drives with certified STO (Safe Torque Off) functionality, highly customizable cabinet-built drives, thyristor power controllers, and industrial drives for applications as varied as running cable cars, turning cement kilns, and drawing wire.

ABB Solar Pump Drives

ABB also offers a solar pump drive for instances where water needs to be pumped but there may not be easy access to an AC grid or another power source. ABB solar pump drives, of which there are already 37,000 successfully deployed around the world, depend on photovoltaic panels as their power sources. They are used in connection with irrigation, farming, community water supplies, and fish farming.

ABB Softstarters

ABB Softstarter product line is designed to lengthen the life of electric motors by protecting them from electrical stresses and reducing their starting current. This product line covers motor applications ranging from 3 A to 2160 A. ABB Softstarters are compact, easy to install, and will reduce wear and tear on electric motors.


HECO is a distributor of ABB drives, having found them to be of high quality, excellent reliability, and flexible enough for just about any application where a drive is needed. HECO can help you select an ABB drive, install it, retrofit it, maintain it, or repair it (should the need ever arise). Contact us today and let us leverage our long-standing relationship with ABB to help you find the right drive for your needs, whether you need a high-precision drive for a multi-axis robotic system or a powerful, rugged ABB drive for a mining application.